I’ve had people ask me about hardcover editions of Compass of the Nymphs recently, and I thought I’d write a quick journal about paperbacks vs hardcover. I personally love a good, tangible book. There’s something special about holding the book and turning the pages excitedly that I just don’t get from an ebook. For my favorite books, I have hardcover copies. One of my favorite possessions is a color illustrated edition of Alice in Wonderland. It’s the version I read from my school’s library as a kid and always will be special to me.


Paperback however is great because it is inexpensive. It literally cost 90% less wholesale to manufacture Compass of the Nymphs in paperback instead of hardcover. That was the main reason we opted for the paperback. The rest of the trilogy will be in paperback, too, so it will be cheaper and more accessible to young readers. However, because I love my hardcover books and see them as real works of art, I am planning to release a limited amount of Hardcover editions of the entire trilogy once it’s out for those that enjoyed it and would like a collectible version!

I had a great time writing part two today. It’s nearly halfway written now, and then will come the real fun of having it edited and illustrated! I enjoy my solitary time writing, but truly love working with other artists like Kate, who did the illustrations for Compass of the Nymphs, and her husband who helped with some of the graphic designs.

I hope to leave a legacy that promotes creativity in all ages and encourages people to pursue their passions. Working together with other artists is a key to that. By uniting, we all move each other forward.

“Reality” is overrated…so why not create the fantasy world we want to live in?