About Sam

Shoots_160415_001-WebTouchSam Bennett
is a 22 year old American author. Sam has been writing ever since there’s been a pen and paper in front of him. He was first published at the age of 11 in the Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans®. Growing up as an only child has led him to have an imagination that knows no bounds.

While Sam was still in elementary school, he tested at a college level for his skills in English and Writing. (His High School SAT scores later placed him scoring in the top tenth percentile in English among test-takers.) His talent transferred into passion, and, partnered with an unstoppable drive, Sam promises to be one to watch.

Sam is an old soul that enjoys telling the kind of stories reminiscent of classic tales passed down from generation to generation. His youthful stories are more than likely just a plot to hide the fact he’s actually 5,000 years old.

You can reach Sam via the contact form on the website.