Studio DNA

This project focused on modernizing a website for a DC area dance studio that had a plethora of content but had outdated design aesthetics from the early 2000s and was utilizing an old backend that was difficult for the business to keep updated. The goals for the website were to have a simple landing page to draw in new customers while also providing more detailed pages for current clients and providing up-front details about the business and the studio’s operations for prospective dancers.

One of the most important aspects for the website was the integration of a calendar for dance events that was both visually appealing to viewers across all devices as well as easy to update for the site administrator.

Aesthetically, the focus was on utilizing a design that was fun and eye-catching that paired nicely with the studio’s logo and color scheme and breaking up the long, paragraph copy from the old website into something that was visually appealing and had a visual hierarchy that would maintain reader interest.